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Astalavista - Search engine fore cracks and more.
Y-linjen - The best Master of Science education in Sweden!
Bilnavet - The best link page in Sweden!
Amnesty International - Make a statement, make a stand.
Celebrity Link - If you are looking for celebrities.
FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive.
SMFF - The swedish association for model airplanes.
Miniatur Wunderland - A huge model railway.
The FH16 Project - Follow the construction of a radio controlled truck in scale 1:14.5.
Internet Archive - Surf old webpages. How did Microsoft's page look in 1996?
WNJ - Westergötland-Nerikes Järnvägar.
Indre Stambane - Amassing photos of an amassing railroad.


Nguyen van Nhu - A friend from my Master of Science education.
Rickard Molin - Nice fellow, although he is frome Näsum.
Christian Eggertsen - I have known Christian since I was so young that I barely was born.
Björn Blissing - An old pal from my earlier school days.
M.M.A - I take no responsibility for their appearances, but they are nice persons!
Fredrik Johansson - A buddy who currently is back in Sweden.
Michael Halling - You can see by the name that we are related. Brothers in fact.