About this site

Only briefly, for the complete Swedish page click here.


My first homepage was put on the net in 1994. The only reason was to get my e-mail out there. But after a while the page grew bigger and bigger. But after 8 years of adding pages and code the site looked awful, and the code was terrible. So in the autumn of 2001 I made this page.

Would you like to see how my old page looked in 2001? Then just click here. Caution, links may be broken and the page is in Swedish only. The page will open in a new window.


These pages are designed for Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, and a resolution of 800*600 or higher, but are designed to work with most browsers. The pages uses stylesheets (CSS1) and javascript(1.1), but do not uses frames. I use Homesite to write the code, and the code compiles with the requirements set by w3.org (HTML4 and CSS1).